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How to go Antalya

How to go Antalya

By sea:

The closest harbours to where timetable and charter voyages are organized, are Izmir and Kusadasi ports in the west coast, Mersin and Tasucu ports in the east coast. There is not any timetable voyage to Antalya region.

At the international marinas of Kemer, Antalya Kaleici, Setur and Alanya, a complete service is maintaned throughout the year for the yachts and other small boats. It is possible to enjoy a trip organized by boats along the extraordinarly beautiful southern, southwestern and western shores of Turkey or to rent a boat from these marinas. Moreover you can visit nearby Greek islands like Rhodos by tours or rented boats.
Kaleici Marina
Phone: (+90242) 243 47 50.
Fax: (+90242) 243 47 54

By road:

It is possible to reach Antalya by highway with four different routes:
1- The highway connecting Antalya to Central Anatolia over Manavgat-Konya
2- The highway extending along the Mediterranean coast, which connects Antalya to Mersin harbour in the east coast.
3- The tourist highway along the shoreline which connects Antalya to the ancient regions of Lycia, Ionia and Caria on the west coast.
4- The main highway advancing towards the north, which connects Antalya to big cities of Turkey like Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul.
All the highways connecting Antalya to various regions of Turkey and also all the local highways in Antalya region are high quality asphalt roads.

In all the tourism centers in Antalya the agents of many international and local car renting companies operate and it is possible to rent a car from these agents.
Tours are organized to important tourism centers such as Ephesus, Cappadocia, Istanbul… and also some tourism companies organize tours to introduce Antalya region.
Bus station
Phone: (+90242) 331 12 50 / 513 26 50
Fax: (+90242) 331 11 81

*** Do you need road maps?
Turkey road map , Antalya Istanbul road map

By Air:

Numerous international airways organize timetable and charter flights from various airports in Europe to Antalya airport, and also Turkish airlines have direct domestic flights or connected flights via Izmir, Ankara and Istanbul.

Antalya airport is the most suitable airport to arrive in the region for those preferring to use airplane.
Phone: (+90242) 330 32 33
Phone 2: (+90242) 330 3600.
Fax: (+90242) 330 31 30

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